Born of Hard Experience With Marine Snipers in the Field

The inspiration for RecPak came from hard experience in the field.  Company Co-founder Deed Zeigler was a young Marine officer running a scout sniper team.  As he tells it on their website,  “operating in unforgiving terrain for days on end, small things had a big impact. Maintaining peak performance was hard on energy bars and rations. Space, weight, and time were essential to mission success.”

The result was a two-year effort to bring a balance of nutrition and low carry weight to those who need it most, military service members, hikers, mountaineers, and hunters who operate deep in the wilderness for days on end.

RecPak comes in three flavors, Vanilla Chai, Chocolate, and Coffee which has 150 mg of caffeine in it.

In using the product ourselves we imagined a couple of other uses as well.  As an emergency ration for civilians.  Just about all of us have heard a story about a guy in Minnesota or North Dakota who jumped in his truck in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to go buy beer and skidded off into a snow-covered ditch with nothing to live on but some Taco Bell sauce packets that were in his center compartment.  RecPak is a dry store that lasts a year in its foil pouch and they are working to expand that even further.  If you had 3 of these in your vehicle and an insulated bottle of water to keep it from freezing, a survivor of a road accident in a remote area would not only have food but it would be very portable and easy to take with them should they venture out to seek rescue.  The packaging is very sturdy so don’t throw it away. instead, refill it with water in cold climates and put it inside your clothing close to the body to warm up the water.  If you’ve ever taken a sip of slushy ice-cold water from your canteen in freezing weather conditions you know why this matters.