I started Red Circle Foundation last year as a way for me to give back to the Special Operations community through my own professional achievements.

The Foundation had just been established when I found out that I had lost my best friend and SEAL teammate, Glen Doherty. It was through my experience dealing with Glen’s departure that I realized how RCF could make a difference. We would streamline our funding process so that we could give money within hours instead of the weeks and months that it takes for government agencies and other charities to step in. This would give us our niche and make a huge difference in peoples lives. Red Circle Foundation’s goal is to provide immediate financial assistance until other larger programs or charities can take over.

Our mission is to provide gap funding for Special Operations families in need. There are a lot of great charities that serve the Special Operations community, however, most take weeks to months before funds can be deployed to help people in need. This is where RCF comes in. We can act within minutes and provide immediate assistance to bridge this funding gap.

We are a Quick Reaction Force (QRF), and decisions are made within minutes.