The trip to the infil point was uneventful. The blacked-out Hilux took the rocks on the road pretty well, however the operators on the back of the small pickup truck felt every one of them.

Once they reached the infil point, the vehicle slowed down just enough for them to jump out and seek cover by the side of the road. There they stayed for half an hour, completely still. Hearing. Smelling. Sensing.

The point man signaled with his hand to the other two that it was time to move. He consulted his GPS and made a note on his map. Then the three rose and began moving slowing. Each step carefully taken, sensing the ground underneath. They needed to recover the laptop, the antenna and the solar battery. The gear was placed there the night before by the same team. One of the members of the group was a red team member. His team was tasked with gathering electronic and digital intelligence on a suspected enemy building. Once the intelligence was collected and analyzed, the red team members would then create a support digital package for the SOF unit they were attached to, and would ultimately provide real-time digital support for an attack.

At the TOC, the rest of the red team members were already dissecting the information uploaded only minutes ago from the laptop. The system was preprogrammed to capture information about RF signals, paying attention to WiFi and Bluetooth connections, for 24 hours, then it would compress everything and send it back to the TOC. This would allow the team to not only learn what was being leaked from the building, but in some cases it could allow them to break the Wireless security of any access point they might have.
The lead analyst, a very experienced hacker and cryptographer, was sorting through the information when the call from the field team was heard over the comm: Laptop retrieved, en route to TOC.