The building was brighter than the sun. It was 0200, but all offices seem to be occupied, at least when peering through the night scope from 100 meters away.

The three figures moved slowly, deliberately, placing heels first and sensing with the tip of the foot for anything that might make noise before placing the full body weight on the front foot. Each step was calculated. Each step brought them closer to the target. Total darkness and total silence. No lights allowed, communication between the team members was via hand signals when needed. They had been working together for a long time so each person knew what to do and what the other should do.

When they reached the final observation point the modified GPS gently vibrated in the pointman’s chest pocket. He made a fist, followed by a circular motion with his index finger – stop and pull 360 security. They all took a knee.

The second person quietly took off his ruck and placed it on the ground in front of him. He extracted a folded antenna and a MacBook Air 11″. The screen of the tiny laptop was covered with a cammo netting and it was set to a very dim value. It was hard to read text on it, but that was on purpose. The group didn’t want the screen to give up their position.