Last week the FBI released a report on Hillary Clinton and the investigation into her personal e-mail server and mishandling of classified information. In the report, it stated that she could not recall receiving any briefings on how to handle classified information due to the concussion and blood clot in her brain after she fell in 2012. Apparently the head injury was so bad that she was conveniently missing memories of intel briefings on how to handle classified information. This is the perfect subjective excuse that covers everything. If I don’t remember it because of my “head injury,” then it never happened.

Clinton Head injury

Also in the report, it talks about her misunderstanding of the letter “C” in front of the paragraphs. Apparently instead of recognizing that “C” is the classification marking, she thought it was indicating the order of the paragraphs. And yet she claims to have taken “all classified information seriously” even though she has no memory of the intel briefings.

FBI report