Remembrance Day for me is a day where I think about my friends who gave their lives for their flag. Too many times, I saw friends going on deployment and wondering if it would the last time I would see them. Too many times I saw my friends die in my arms in Afghanistan. It is very sad that it did happen but I keep telling myself that they gave their lives for what they believed in, and they have done it while loving their job.

On such a day, we also have to remember our veterans from past wars and our brothers who fought alongside us. Whether they are from a different country or not, they all deserve to be respected and thanked for the ultimate sacrifices they have made for us.

It is now our job, the new generation of veterans, to share the stories of our fallen brothers and make sure we will never forget. Lest we forget brothers, see you on the other side!

I am sharing a poem written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae on May 3, 1915. This poem has been since adopted and recited on every Remembrance Day to remind us of the ultimate sacrifices our brothers gave during WW1.