While debate rages on about YouTube and other social media platforms censoring content in a way many conservatives claim represents a clear political bias, the video-sharing platform again made headlines this week for content it didn’t censor: namely, explicit instructions on how best to commit suicide being spliced into popular children’s programming.

It may sound like the sort of sensational story you’d expect to be able to file under “fake news,” but these videos are a frightening reality for parents that play entertaining or educational videos for their children using the popular platform, as well as its supposedly “safe for kids” sister platform “YouTube Kids.” The video that prompted this latest bout of concern regarding YouTube censorship policies was first spotted by a mother who chose not to divulge her name on the parenting blog “Pedimom.com,” but has since been identified as Free Hess.

Hess, who is identified as a physician in the blog post, said she sat down with her son who was having a nosebleed. In order to keep him calm until the nosebleed stopped, she turned on YouTube Kids and they proceeded to watch a children’s cartoon together.

“Four minutes and forty-five seconds into the video, a man quickly walked onto the screen, held his arm out, and taught the children watching this video how to properly kill themselves,” she wrote.