Resources to Help Military Families Relocate Easier

Military life often means frequent relocation. While this aspect of service can present unique opportunities, it also brings about significant challenges for military families. Upheaving one’s life, and adjusting to new communities, schools, and social circles, is far from easy. However, understanding the resources available to assist in this process can make a significant difference. This article seeks to provide some guidance on resources that can help make relocation easier for military families.

Getting Familiar With The Military Relocation Assistance Programs Available To Your Family

Relocation assistance programs are designed to alleviate the stresses and burdens that come with frequent moves. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) provides several relocation assistance programs to military families. For instance, the Military and Family Support Center offers a broad range of services and information to assist in the relocation process. They provide personal counseling and planning assistance, workshops, and online support for service members and their families.

Similarly, the Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) provides comprehensive information, tools, and resources to help manage the relocation process. RAP includes pre-move planning, settling-in services, entitlement and benefits counseling, and specific programs for special needs or circumstances. Military families must familiarize themselves with these programs and fully use their advantages.