A retired police officer in the Philippines has come forward to testify that he took part in over 300 sanctioned killings, including 200 killings as part of a police ‘death squad.’

The officer has previously lied in his testimony before a Senate inquiry around extrajudicial killings linked to President Rodrigo Duterte and his ‘war on drugs.’

The officer claims his first 200 kills were as part of a Duterte-sanctioned death squad in the city of Davao, where Duterte had been mayor. Their targets reportedly included drug dealers, but also critics of Duterte, according to the officer.

When asked why he would come forward now, Arturo Lascanas said “I feared for the life of my loved ones,” and it was “because of my desire to tell all the truth, not only because of my spiritual renewal, but the fear of God, I wanted to clear my conscience.”