A retired Russian admiral has once again alleged that the August 2000 Kursk submarine explosion and sinking was the result of a collision with a NATO submarine, defying the official ruling that the explosion was caused by an explosive propellant that had leaked from a faulty torpedo.

Retired Admiral Vyacheslav Popov, the commander of the Russian Northern Fleet at the time, told the RIA Novosti news agency that three NATO submarines, two U.S. and one British, were monitoring the large Barent Sea naval exercises and one of them was shadowing the Kursk but inadvertently bumped the sub which caused the explosion. 

Admiral Popov had received the brunt of the blame for the bungled and painfully slow rescue effort.

Popov has made this claim before, which flies in the face of the details of Russian’s own investigation. However, this time he added much more detail, although he readily admitted that he had no proof of his allegations.