It’s no secret that Special Operations Forces guys want to be where the action is. Their focus may change at retirement, but that desire never really disappears.

Dr. Aaron Epstein, a surgeon in Buffalo, New York, used to work in national security and counterterrorism. In 2015, as a medical student, he founded GSMSG  (Global Surgical Medical Support Group)

Dr. Epstein (fourth from left) with a group of his GSMSG volunteers.

According to the organization’s website, its mission is:

“Providing the highest quality medical care and training in austere settings overseas as well as responding to the COVID 19 pandemic within the United States.”

Last week, Dr. Epstein received a letter from Ukraine’s Minister of Defense, saying, “We would ask for all possible cooperation from GSMSG in the field of medical/surgeon training.”

Without delay, Epstein had a team of 10 GSMSG volunteers wheels up and on their way to the war-torn nation. One of those volunteers was a newly-retired US Army Special Forces Sergeant from California. The American ex-SF volunteer has chosen to remain anonymous.

An 18D, maybe? One can only assume, and I never assume anything, but yeah, probably an 18D Special Forces Medical Sergeant. They are some of the finest first-response/trauma medical technicians in the world.

The Big Question: Will He Be Armed?

During an interview, a local TV reporter asked Dr. Epstein if the team would be armed. He replied:

“I’ve told them that they can be armed if it’s starting to look like where they will be is going to be a hostile combat area.”