“Tehran,” is the new series from Israeli television. It is a high-octane, well-done, and entertaining affair. Its creator is Moshe Zonder whose series “Fauda” has been a hit on American television. “Tehran” is available on Apple+. 

“Tehran” centers around Tamar Rabinyan, an Iranian-born, Israeli-raised spy. He is sent back into Iran on her first deep-cover mission to help coordinate an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program. Rabinyan is expertly played by Israeli actress Niv Sultan, who immersed herself in a Farsi language course and Iranian culture.

She’s feminine and not the badass female operative that we’ve been seeing more often. Although trained in the Israeli martial art Krav Maga, she’s not Charlize Theron’s “Atomic Blonde” character or even Rona-Lee Shim’on’s “Nurit” from Fauda.

Rabinyan will encounter numerous obstacles on the way, including a romantic entanglement with a student activist, reconnecting with her estranged family members in Iran, and more. 

Rabinya’s nemesis, Iranian Revolutionary Guard security head Faraz Kamali, is played by Iranian-American actor Shaun Toub, who also played in “Homeland” and “Ironman.” Toub is excellent at the role.

Faraz turns out to be the perfect foil to Tamar: He is a hardcore counterintelligence operative who is excellent at his job. There is no stone that he will leave unturned and is willing to go to any means to accomplish his mission. He makes it his own personal mission to track Rabinya down.

But while Faraz is dogged in his determination to catch the Israeli spy in their midst, he’s also a victim who learns the Israelis will go to no end to protect their operative. 

Now, forget the fact that much of the drama that plays out is often improbable and sometimes over the top. The fact that “Bond, James Bond” has entertained us for more than 50 years is proof that the entertainment value more than makes up for realism.