A U.S. base in northern Iraq was subjected to an intense rocket attack late Monday. One foreign contractor was killed and at least eight people were wounded, including American and Iraqi security personnel and an American servicemember. This is the first attack on a U.S. base in months.

U.S.-led coalition spokesman, Col. Wayne Marotto, said in a statement posted on social media that the contractor killed was a foreigner but didn’t specify his nationality as the investigation is continuing. 

“CJTF-OIR confirms approx. 14 107 mm rockets launched with 3 impacting within EAB, Feb 15 at 2130 hours (Iraqi time). One civilian contractor was killed (Not U.S.), and 9 injured (8 CIV contractors/ 1 US MIL) – 4 US/ 1 US MIL concussion protocol,” Marotto posted on Twitter.

The rockets were launched late on Monday from an area south of Erbil near the border with Kirkuk province. At least three rockets hit the area of the base near the airport.