On Sunday, a 7th Special Forces Group soldier named Derek McKinney was arrested for the alleged murder of his wife Natasha McKinney then on Wednesday a support soldier assigned to the same unit named William Mrozek was arrested for allegedly molesting two girls, ages 7 and 11.

McKinney is a Green Beret assigned to Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group.  At 6:42PM police officers state that they responded to a 911 call reporting gunfire at a private residence in Crestview, Florida near Eglin Air Force Base where 7th Group is stationed.  The caller identified himself as the shooter, according to police reports.  When they arrived, police officers found the 32-year old Green Beret’s wife dead in her bedroom with a handgun near her head.  Police officers than took Derek McKinney into custody based on probable cause and statements that McKinney made before as well as after being read his miranda rights.  A trial date has been set for July 9th.

Just days later a 32-year old solder assigned to 7th Special Forces Group was arrested for sexual battery and child abuse.  William Mrozek was not a Green Beret, but was assigned to the unit in a support position.  The arrest report states that Mrozek raped the two girls vaginally and anally, striking one of the victims in the head when she screamed for him to stop.  The arrest report describes multiple rapes committed over a two week period while the girls were staying with Mrozek.  When confronted Mrozek claimed not to recall any such incidents but offered to apologize to the girls.  “I can tell her I am sorry and maybe she can forgive me one day, maybe that is what she needs to hear,” Mrozek said during a recorded telephone call.  Mrozek was taken into custody by Army CID.

Both incidents come on the heels of earlier allegations made against another 7th Special Forces Group soldier back in February.  The wife of a Green Beret assigned to the unit fled to a woman’s shelter in Arizona.  She stated that, “In some cases, I was left unconscious. [Strangulation] was his abuse of choice. I used to stop using my energy to fight back, and tried to conserve as much energy and as many breaths as I could.”  While a order of protection was issued by the Army after finding evidence of physical abuse, it appears that no punitive action was taken against the soldier involved.

The 7th Group commander, Colonel Colloton issued a statement reading, “All allegations are taken seriously, investigated to the full extent and take disciplinary actions as appropriate. We maintain transparency and accountability by communicating with and working through multiple military and civilian agencies.”

Prior to these incidents, SOFREP reported on a sex and blackmail scandal in the same unit, in which the 7th Special Forces Group secretary was having affairs with multiple senior officers and non-commissioned officers.  She also alleged, and provided pictures purportedly demonstrating physical abuse at the hands of a 7th Group officer named Jason Sartori.  When it appeared that she was going to lose her job, sources told SOFREP that the secretary attempted to use evidence of the affairs as leverage against the unit.