Sunrise Attack

It is Monday, October 17th, 2022, and Russia has taken to the skies to use drones to bomb civilian structures in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv. The start of the attacks coincided with the morning rush hour. The first explosions were noted minutes before 7:00 AM local time. At least four people were killed. Among the dead was a young couple, their bodies dragged together from the fiery remains of an urban residential building. The woman had been six months pregnant.

This video purports to show an Iranian-made HESA Shahed-136 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hitting its mark in Kyiv today.

It was exactly one week ago, October 10th, when Moscow began punishing Ukraine for a successful mission that knocked out a portion of the Crimea bridge one week before that. Sections of the bridge, the only physical connection between Crimea and Russia, were dropped into the sea (likely the result of a covert SOF mission), significantly hampering Russian efforts to retake the Kherson region of Ukraine. President Putin is soothing that blow to his ego by launching waves of attacks against the Ukrainian populace.

According to the Associated Press, the attacks on the 10th killed at least 14 people and wounded another 100. Most of these attacks were launched far from the front lines and originated from the land, sea, and air. They impacted some military targets and energy plants in addition to civilian structures. One missile struck a playground, another, a University. The severity of the attacks caused mass blackouts in many parts of the nation. People lost access to running water in many places because the pumps needed to push the water were powered by electricity.