The Russian army claimed Ukrainian Special Forces attempted to cross the Kayhovskoye reservoir in an attempt to seize control of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear plant on September 1 as inspectors from the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency were en route to visit the facility. The IAEA seeks to establish a permanent presence at the facility to monitor its safe operation.

The Russians claim they had advanced warning of the attack and were ready to repel it with helicopter gunships, artillery, and troops.

Here is the Russian version of the attack as related by a Russian army spokesman;

The morning of September 1 was marked by a daring and very adventurous attempt by the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to land troops in the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to capture the plant. One detachment crossed from the opposite bank of the Kakhovka reservoir in seven motor boats, and the other went on two civilian barges. They were already waiting for them on the shore controlled by the Russian military – the landing group, which planned to fire at the posts of the Russian Guard on the outskirts of the station, was attacked, pressed to the water, and destroyed with the assistance of army aviation. The barges that were moving in the meantime were quickly liquidated and flooded. Nevertheless, the operation carried out by the Russian military made it possible to receive the IAEA mission at the station in the regular mode; during the visit, they saw “key things.”

According to a new report in Russian State media, RIA-Novosti local officials in Zaporizhzhia claimed the commandos attempted to infiltrate the plant as journalists and the IAEA team arrived to assess the nuclear power plant. They claim the commandos came across in 7 boats and two large barges.

We smell a rat, several of them.

First, Ukrainian Special Forces have shown themselves to be very competent in targeting Russian tanks, troops, and installations since the war began (no doubt partly because of training by US Special Forces advisors for some eight years). They would know better than to attempt to assault across nearly 5 miles of open water in broad daylight. It’s suicide.

Second, Commandos just walking out of the woods to mingle among reporters who were no doubt vetted, searched, and issued credentials for a visit requires the utter suspension of disbelief to imagine it to be true. Videos of the arrival of the IAEA inspectors were done by motorcade with an armed escort into the secure facility, which was also guarded by Russian troops.