In recent weeks, the Russians have been slowly moving out of Kherson in a controlled manner, leaving their prepared positions on the West bank of the Dnipro river to new positions on the East bank.

After Ukraine destroyed the Antonovsky bridge and the Russians found that it would be impossible to repair it only to see it knocked down again, they decided(wisely for once) to make a planned withdrawal to the East bank of the river. Even then, the pontoon bridges and barges they employed came under repeated attack. For Russia, their inability to defend the Antonovsky bridge meant the supply artery from Russia into the city had been cut and they had their backs to a deep and wide river that would trap their forces if they remained.


Bridges are actually very hard targets to bring down with unguided bombs and artillery. In this image of the Antonovsky bridge, you can see the work of HIMARS rockets which are able to hit the same area of the bridge over and over until it is destroyed