Admit nothing, deny everything, blame NATO and the West. That seems to be the Russian playbook under Vladimir Putin. The Russians have been massing troops on the Ukrainian border since spring. Many troops still remain in the region. Now, Russia is reinforcing them covertly as many experts believe that Moscow may be planning on making another move into Ukraine.

Russia and Belarus are also conducting large-scale exercises on the border with Poland as Moscow continues to act increasingly more aggressively in the region.

Some analysts accuse Putin and Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, of orchestrating forced migrant crossings into Poland as a form of hybrid warfare against the European Union and NATO. 

Other analysts believe that the U.S. and NATO’s actions in Ukraine have resulted in a “red line” for Putin and have forced his hand. But it should be noted that it was Russia that seized Crimea in 2014 while supporting Russian-aligned “separatist fighters.”