Tensions between Russia and Ukraine remain high. In yet another expression of hostility, the Russian government paraded the captured Ukrainian sailors on television. The men — clearly under duress — acknowledged the fault of their actions and apologised for them.

The skipper of the Ukrainian flotilla, Volodymyr Lisovyi, said, “I deliberately ignored requests via ultra-short-wave band and was aware of the provocative nature of our actions.”

One of the sailors, Andriy Drach, added, “We were warned by the border service of the Russian Federation that we were violating Russian law. They had repeatedly asked us to leave the territorial waters of the Russian Federation.”

Moreover, the Russian military announced that it will deploy additional S-400 anti-air batteries in Crimea to counter any Ukrainian or Western aggression. In the meantime, a Crimean court ordered that 12 — half of the captured Ukrainian sailors — be detained for two months. A verdict for the remaining 12 crew members is expected soon.