According to the BBC, the British Navy shadowed the Russian naval ships as they passed through the English Channel this past week. Russia is sending the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and several other ships to Syria in order to support their “humanitarian effort.” This group will join the 10 other ships on the coast of Syria.

There was quite a bit of controversy from NATO as Russia requested to dock and refuel in Spanish ports. As a result of the outcry, Russia withdrew their request.

Russia abruptly withdrew its application on Wednesday to dock three warships for refueling at a Spanish port, shortly after Spain’s partners in NATO urged Spain to turn away the vessels. The ships are heading to the eastern Mediterranean Sea to support Russian military operations in Syria.”- New York Times

Image courtesy of EPA
Image courtesy of EPA

In the video below you can see the Russian naval ships as they sail through the English Channel.

Editorial cartoon courtesy of Robert L. Lang