The Russian Air Force scrambled a Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet to intercept an American B-52 strategic bomber flying over the Baltic Sea in international air space near the Russian border on Tuesday, according to a statement released by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Per the Russian government, Russia’s defensive forces were alerted to the presence of the bomber at approximate 10:00 a.m. Moscow Time.  The B-52 never violated Russian airspace and was reportedly flying along a route that was parallel to the Russian border.

“On June 6 Russia’s airspace monitoring … identified an air target flying along Russia’s state border over the international waters of the Baltic Sea. A Sukhoi-27 fighter jet of the Baltic Sea Fleet’s air defense force was dispatched to intercept the target,” according to the statement, quoted by TASS, a state-owned Russian news agency.

“The crew of Russia’s Sukhoi-27 jet approached the aircraft staying at a safe distance, identified it as a US strategic bomber B-52 and escorted it for some time,” the report said.