The Russians are trying to expand their influence in Africa. To this end, they are signing military agreements with some of the continent’s more authoritarian regimes. 

The German daily newspaper Bild citing a leaked secret German Foreign Ministry report wrote that the Russians are building military bases in six African countries. The report says that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made “Africa a top priority.” The bases are part of the Russians’ new African ambitions. 

Bild cited the report which states that “since 2015, Russia has concluded military cooperation agreements with 21 countries in Africa.” It added that there were only four prior military cooperation treaties across the continent. 

The report said that by courting some of the continent’s most dictatorial regimes, the Kremlin was “contractually assured” it would “be allowed to build military bases in six countries.” These countries are the Central African Republic, Egypt, Eritrea, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Sudan according to the Foreign Ministry’s leaked document.