“Suppose they started a draft, and nobody came?” – Paraphrasing a well-known 60’s anti-war slogan from Charlotte Keys.

Dmitry Peskov is Vladimir Putin’s Presidental Press Secretary. As such, he’s the Kremlin’s top spin doctor, responsible for convincing hundreds of thousands of young Russians that joining the Russian military against their will and going to war in Ukraine is a good thing. That’s a tough sell, and many aren’t buying it.

Dmitry Peskov's Official portrait
Dmitry Peskov’s official portrait. Image courtesy of Twitter and Kremlin.ru

His job just got a lot harder. The Russian language YouTube channel, Популярная политика (Popular Politics), posted a video of a supposed conversation with Peskov’s 32-year-old son Nikolay where he doesn’t exactly sound keen to report for military service. It’s a prank call, but still telling. SOFREP’s good friend Dmitri from War Translated translated the conversation into English and posted it on Twitter.

The younger Peskov was reminded that Russian officials had sent him a conscription letter, and he was supposed to respond to that letter by calling them, which he had not done. He was also reminded that he was supposed to show up in person at a recruiting station the following day by 10:00 and asked if he was going to be there. Nicolay responded, “Ummm…you…obviously, I won’t come tomorrow at 10:00 AM.” He tells the caller, “I’m Mr. Peskov, and it’s not exactly right for me to be there.” Mr. Peskov then raised the eyebrow of the Popular Politics host when he said, “Anyway, I’ll be solving this on another level.”