A wealthy Russian businessman and outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin was found dead on Christmas Eve in India. Sixty-five-year-old Pavel Antov was vacationing in the country, celebrating his birthday, when passers-by discovered him dead on the ground in a pool of blood after presumably falling from a third-floor window in his hotel.  In addition to being a well-known purveyor of processed meats, Antov was also a local legislator in the city of Vladimir, one hundred and twenty miles east of Moscow. He was a member of Putin’s United Russia party and ran the agrarian policy, nature management, and ecology committee. At the time of his death, Forbe’s put his net worth at around $140 million.

Pavel Antov is one of many Russians who have crossed Putin to be found dead under mysterious circumstances. Screenshot from YouTube and WION

Antov was the latest, but not the only Russian businessman to die in the hotel, located in the Rayagada district of India’s Odisha region. Only two days earlier, one of Antov’s friends accompanying him on the trip was found passed out in his room, surrounded by empty bottles of alcohol, reports The Washington Post.  The man, Vladimir Bidenov, was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Not surprisingly, police in the region wondered what was going on after two fairly high-ranking Russian nationals died under suspicious circumstances under their watch. So, as is common in the most civilized world, they took to Twitter.