The Russian BMP-T, nicknamed the “Terminator,” was a design first conceived about 30 years ago after Russia’s disastrous foray into Chechnya. Now, Russia is testing eight “Terminator” vehicles. It plans on also exporting the vehicle.

On Monday, Russia rolled out the vehicle for testing during maneuvers with the 90th Tank Division.

The “Terminator” is designed to defeat anti-tank forces. It was a number of weapons: Twin 30mm guns, which can be used against infantry forces and low-flying aircraft; four (two on each side of the vehicle) supersonic Ataka anti-tank missiles, which have a range of six kilometers; two AG-17D grenade launchers; and one coaxial 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun.

The BMP-T is mounted on the T-90 tank chassis and is heavily armored with reactive armor. It is designed to engage three different targets at once with its four weapons operators; it can carry five crew members in total.