Near the town of Svatove in Luhansk, Ukrainian troops surrounded a farmhouse with a squad of Russian soldiers inside.  They compelled the Russians to come out and surrender. The Ukrainian soldiers prepared to accept their surrender by breaking the safety of concealment and cover and as a precaution one of their men was lying prone with a machine gun to cover the Russian soldiers as they came out.

These Russian troops appeared to be well equipped with matching uniforms, body armor, helmets and other kit that suggests they were regular Russian army and not recently mobilized civilians who seem to be getting hand-off gear from the Cold War.  At least ten men came out one by one and lay on the ground with their arms stretched out before them.

The Ukrainians also appeared to be outnumbered in the encounter by at least 2 to 1.

The last Russian soldier to come out had a weapon and opened fire on the Ukrainian troops. In the ensuing gun battle one of the Ukrainian troops is reported to have been killed along with all of the Russian soldiers.