Russian forces fired four Kaliber missiles at the Ukrainian port city of Odesa less than 24 hours after an agreement was made Friday to allow grain exports to resume. The US Secretary of State condemned the attack stating that it undermined Russia’s commitment to the deal. He described the attack as “outrageous.”

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry spokesman was a little more colorful, describing the shelling as a “spit in the face” of hard-fought efforts to free 22 million tons of grain stuck in Ukrainian silos since Russia’s invasion in February of this year.

The Buyan-M Corvette “Uglich” launches a 3M-54 Kalibr anti-ship missile. Image Source: Russian Ministry of Defense


Ukrainian air defenses shot down two of the $6.5 million (each) Kaliber cruise missiles. The other two impacted in Odesa but did hit any grain silos, and no one on the ground was killed or injured. However, the mayor of Odessa has commented on a Facebook post that the historical center of Odessa should be added to the UNESCO World Heritage List to protect it from further attacks.