Before everyone starts screaming again, which was and continues to be the case in the Colin Kaepernick strategic publicity stunt. Let’s put race aside, as this sailor is a uniformed service member. Within the DoD, and especially within the uniformed services, race is not supposed to be an issue.

Now, aside from wondering who in this sailor’s chain of command failed her, if you’ve led in the military, you know what I mean. And if not, allow me to clarify. The non-commissioned officers and officers who are assigned to lead, train, and professionally develop this sailor have clearly failed to know their subordinate, had not made her a part of the team, and were not available. A key concern and without knowing all the factors involved is; how is this sailor alone, in civilian clothes at morning colors, and on a Wednesday?

Where in the f**k are this sailor’s NCOs?!

They have at least manifested on some level, as a swift command response to the sailor’s actions was escalated and justly answered with ‘Captain’s Mast.’ A Navy term for an Article 15, or command-level non-judicial punishment. The results of the NJP, Captain’s Mast are not yet public, yet unverified sources who claim to know the sailor in question at Naval Air Technical Training Center in Pensacola, Florida have stated that she has already been punished via her command.

A spokeswoman for the Naval Education and Training Command told, that “actions were on-going,” but refused to elaborate further.

Exactly how were this sailor’s leaders capable of pushing her legal paperwork though the Judge Advocate General’s office so swiftly? This sailor’s leaders were not there to guide her through whatever sentiment led to her disgraceful decision and dissenting attitude in the first place. Her leaders, apparently couldn’t be bothered to ensure that she was in the right uniform and present for duty, prior to, let alone at reveille.

I heard it’s racist,

In the latest case of, ‘the internet said it’s racist, so I’m going to make a spectacle,’ the Department of Defense, and more specifically the U.S. Navy is set to feel the widespread scrutiny, slander, and speculation. Brace yourselves, the media circus is coming. It’s also election season, so be prepared to scroll past 5,000+ more similar articles, as well as outlandish rants across every newsfeed that interfaces with your information ecosystem.