Fall has always been my favorite time of year to go out rucking. The air, especially in the early morning has a nice crispness to it, the bugs from the summer are gone and of course, the colors of the foliage are always a big plus. 

So, it is time to get back out rucking again, something that I haven’t done in several months for a couple of reasons. Firstly, having relocated from central Massachusetts to southwest Florida, this was our first summer in the south in several years and the we most definitely needed to get acclimatized to the weather once again. The second reason was that I have arthritic knees that were quite painful and limited my mobility all summer. 

The first reason was easy to resolve: As more and more time wore on, the weather quickly became a non-factor. All of those years living in the South or downrange in Central and South America didn’t completely go away. And in order to ease my knees I did a lot of swimming, the exercise which helps with knee pain. I also used the TB12 vibrating pliability roller. I’m sold on the TB12 clinic and the pliability that they preach and have become a client of theirs. I think anyone attempting to go to Special Forces Selection or is even an active operator could benefit from their program. 

TB12 pliability roller

Which brings us to what we wear on our feet. The rolling rocky hills of central Mass. are long gone. SW Florida, actually all of FL is pretty damned flat. And the terrain tends to be pretty soft. I have always been (and always will be a fan of Merrells, especially their MOAB boot), but I can’t say enough good things about the Salomon XA Forces Mid-Boots, which I’m wearing presently.