Retired CIA officer Sam Faddis recently appeared on Tipping Point to discuss the incoming Trump administration and what that means for the CIA.  Sam comments on what he thinks of Trump’s nominee for the Director of Central Intelligence as well as the State Department.  After, he discusses the long term issues in Iraq and the real battle that happens between America and Iran after ISIS is defeated.

For a critical look at the CIA and what is needed to reform our intelligence community, check out the following article that Sam Faddis wrote for SOFREP:

In 1943, in the darkest depths of the Second World War the British sent a small, select group of intelligence officers from the Special Operations Executive (SOE) into Nazi-occupied Albania. Living under extreme conditions, one step ahead of capture at all times and short on supplies and support, the SOE personnel began to produce immediate results. They weren’t on their way to winning the war singlehandedly. They were doing a superb job of tying down German forces desperately needed elsewhere by the Third Reich.

London took notice. The bureaucrats woke up. They did what bureaucrats do, even ones in uniform. They sent in a general. They sent in a staff. They sent in a radio transmitter so large that it required a train of donkeys to move it ponderously through the trackless Albanian countryside.

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