San Diego, CA — A woman was arrested recently after brandishing what appeared to be a handgun. She was reported to have shot several rounds near a parking garage — according to the police, it was later discovered that her weapon was in fact an airsoft gun. One police officer was injured when he accidentally discharged his weapon, but besides that there were no reported injuries.

Though the incident happened near the San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon finish line, police have determined that it was unrelated to the race.

The suspect was believed to be the same assailant from a previous hit and run, which was reported to a police officer at the marathon. He followed the vehicle to the entrance of a parkade, but the vehicle was not able to enter due to traffic. As the officer approached the vehicle, he was met by the barrel of an airsoft gun, though he did not know that it wasn’t a real gun at the time. Just then, the traffic cleared and the suspect drove their vehicle into the parkade.

The officer got backup, and a “team” went to confront the suspect in the parking garage. This is when one of the officers accidentally discharged their weapons, wounding himself. Meanwhile, another officer spotted the suspect, who they believed at the time to be armed with an actual handgun. He fired at her, but missed. Soon, she threw her gun off the parkade and into the street, where it broke into pieces, including a CO2 canister, where officers would discover that it was a airsoft gun.