We ran a story recently about SAS Sgt. Danny Nightingale and our desire help him out.  I spoke to his lawyer via email and he was thankful for our community’s support in signing the petition to set him free.

I’ve personally seen situations where guns and war trophies are authorized to bring back and I can understand how things could go astray. It may sound crazy to many but at least in the SEAL community, there’s a tremendous amount of leeway in keeping weapons, bullets and other things in your locker. With Operational Tempo high and quick turn-arounds I can see how this happened. I was also as shocked as most of you were by the severity of the proposed charges against a guy that devoted the better part of his life to serving his country. Glad a fellow brother can go back to his family and rebuild his life.

I hope to have him on SOFREP Radio soon so stand by…Oh yeah, don’t forget to sign up for membership if you haven’t yet.  Thanks from me and the rest of the guys for all your support.

From the BBC

An SAS sniper has been released after his 18 month sentence for illegally possessing a pistol was suspended by the Court of Appeal.

Sgt Danny Nightingale, from Crewe, admitted possessing the 9mm Glock pistol and 338 rounds of ammunition at a court martial earlier this month.

The judges heard Nightingale had forgotten he had the gun and cut his sentence to 12 months and suspended it.

The sniper thanked his supporters for their “trust and support”.

As he walked free from the central London court he also thanked his wife Sally, 38, who had cried when the verdict was delivered.