Hosted by ‘Big’ Phil Champion (formerly of 22SAS), SOFREP is currently searching for American SOF veterans interested in a charity boxing event to be held in the United Kingdom.

All expenses will be paid and you will be boxing for a veteran’s charity of your choice. You will be well hosted by our friends across the pond with plenty of time to take in the sights as well as raise significant sums for veteran’s causes.

This is an opportunity to represent the US SOF against our biggest allies, not only that but you get the chance to knock out the crooked teeth of the Brits. Stand up for Uncle Sam and show the old adage of ‘Never drink, fight or gamble with the Brits’ is Bullsh*t!

The event is going to take place in the ‘iconic’ York Hall, in the boxing heartland of the East End of London, several thousand fans are anticipated to turn up!

Currently, we are looking for participants to box the following SAS veterans in their respective weight classes and age range:

Phil Campion – ex 22 SAS – 47 years old – 280 pounds – Novice boxer

Rob P – ex 22 SAS – 48 years old – 238 pounds – Novice boxer

Colin M – ex 22 SAS – 41 years old – 174 pounds – Novice boxer

Jim B – ex 22 SAS – 36 years old – 186 pounds – Novice boxer

Billy B – ex 22 SAS – 51 years old – 175 pounds – Intermediate boxer

Jim W – ex 22 SAS – 40 years old – 180 pounds – Novice boxer

Matt H – ex 22 SAS – 47 years old – 220 pounds – Novice boxer

The event is scheduled to take place around the 11th of November.  If you are interested, please let us know.