On Sunday, reports swirled that Argentina’s missing submarine, the ARA San Juan, had begun making attempts to reestablish communications with the nation’s navy, bolstering hopes that the 44-member crew may still be alive.  Unfortunately, those hopes were tempered by the official statements of the Argentine Navy on Monday, who said that there is “no indication” that the signals had indeed come from the missing sub. Among the 44 crew members on board the ARA San Juan is Elaina Krawczyk, the nation’s first ever female submarine officer.

“We received seven satellite calls that likely came from the submarine San Juan. We are working hard to locate it. To the families of the 44 crew members: We hope you’ll have them home soon,” Argentina’s Defense Minister Oscar Aguad tweeted on Sunday.

Those hopes were dashed, however, by Adm. Gabriel Gonzales, who commands the Mar del Plata Naval Base the San Juan was supposed to reach on Sunday.

“We are analyzing more closely to reliably determine that they weren’t calls coming from the submarine,” he told reporters early Monday.