Saudi Arabian-led coalition fighter jets conducted 14 different airstrikes in Yemen early on Sunday. They targeted barracks and military sites of the armed Houthi movement in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya news channel reported.

Among the targets was the former command center for the Republican Guard located south of Sanaa and a maintenance camp that Iranian-led militias use to produce, develop, and manufacture weapons. The coalition also destroyed four Iranian-backed Houthi drones at al-Dulami air base north of Sanaa, al-Arabiya said, quoting local sources.

The Houthi militia’s al-Masirah TV channel likewise reported the airstrikes.

The Saudi-led coalition has not given any official confirmation of the attacks. However, these latest airstrikes follow attacks, which were conducted on Saturday, against two missile and drone depots sites in Sanaa.