Savior Equipment is a firearm case brand that I first stumbled across while at Shot Show this past January. I was immediately impressed with the design elements of the cases and their impressive build quality and function. A few months ago, I was able to get my hands on a couple of Savior Equipment cases and found them to be as good as my first impression implied. In fact, those first Savior Equipment cases I reviewed have become my new go-to rifle cases, and I’ve used them multiple times now in the field.

About a week ago, a rep from Savior Equipment reached out and asked if I’d give them some feedback on one of their newest releases, a case they’ve named the “33-inch Pro Touring Single Rifle Case,” also called the “Pro Touring.”

First Reaction

As with some of their other specialty cases – like the Ultimate Guitar Case – this newest offering by Savior Equipment embodies the phrase “hidden in plain sight.” This case is modeled after a traditional 12-racket tennis racket case and doesn’t garner any extra attention from the casual observer. Savior states the purpose of the bag’s design is for the user to maintain a “low profile in public.” I’m sure some wonder why carrying a weapon in a traditional case would be an issue, but for readers who live in an apartment complex or those who have that one nosey neighbor, being able to transport a rifle from residence to vehicle without drawing unwanted attention is key. Beyond that, if for some reason you have no choice but to briefly leave your weapon in your vehicle (which literally nobody recommends), I’d bet dollars to donuts that thieves are much more likely to ignore tennis racket cases than they are traditional gun cases.

New Savior Equipment Pro Touring Rifle Case. (Savior Equipment)
Traditional multi-racket tennis racket case (PRO STAFF V13 SUPER TOUR 9 PACK). (Wilson)