AR-15 style pistols have become increasingly popular since the invention of the tactical arm brace/adapter. This device replaces or attaches to the current buffer tube and gives the end-user the ability to attach it to their arm, giving the shooter added support. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) just recently announced that you could shoulder them if you so desired as well. This is an awesome development because prior to this, users were not allowed to use them in that manner. Now, rather than going through all the bureaucratic red tape just to have a shorter rifle, people are often choosing to build or buy AR pistols instead.

When dealing with the AR platform, there are benefits and detriments to utilizing a shorter variant. With shorter barrel length comes less muzzle velocity and slower bullets. Speaking in terms of lethality, this means it is less effective (but still lethal) for a shorter distance because the projectile is traveling at a slower speed. However, smaller platforms are often more maneuverable than longer variants and can be more desirable for that reason.  For most everyday shooters, a smaller variant can make for a good home defense weapon or more likely something they just want to shoot at the range from time to time. The .300 AAC Blackout caliber bullet has become incredibly popular with hunters and only requires a nine-inch barrel to achieve maximum ballistic performance, so AR pistols are a perfect setup, especially for hog hunters and guys who backpack it.

SB tactical has been making AR pistol braces since day one and has a large line of products and a selection of braces for several models of firearms. Their products are quality and the latest model, the SBPDW, is no different. The brace comes in either the color black or flat dark earth and includes all the hardware essential to installation. It’s comfortable to use, looks great, and more importantly is reliably well made — function and aesthetic packaged together. The SBPDW has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of around $300-$320 but can be found for around $250 online, better but still a hefty price tag.