Wait, is that SchrYver? No, not AHH-nuld’s ex-wife. SchrEEver? Yep, SchrEEver. Located near Colorado Springs, CO, Schriever Air Force Base is home to the 50th Space Wing.

The base opened in 1985 as the Consolidated Space Operations Center. This being a mouthful, it was renamed Falcon Air Force Station once it became operational. The 2nd Space Wing, based at Peterson AFB, relocated that year, and Falcon became the operational home of the Air Force Satellite Control Network.

Air Force was dropped from the name when the unit took over DoD satellites and became known as the Satellite Control Network. Airmen assigned to the 2nd Space Wing handled command and control of DoD satellite networks through a series of Remote Tracking Stations (RTS) around the world.

The base was renamed (again) in 1998 to Falcon Air Force Base. In 1992, the 2nd Space Wing was inactivated, and the 50th Space Wing stood up. Six years later, in a break from tradition, the base was renamed (again) to Schriever Air Force Base. This change was to honor a pioneer in the U.S.’s ballistic missile program, General Bernard Schriever. It was the first time a U.S. base was named for a living person.