If you don’t want to read on then I’ll just save you the trouble, and get straight to the point. It’s a great movie, go see it.

I was invited to attend a screening of Lone Survivor in New York last week, and invited a few friends of SOFREP to attend (including Ian our radio producer) with me. I was excited about the movie but secretly hoping Peter Berg did right by Marcus, and his book since the movie has produced some drama surrounding Dan Bilzerian’s role in the film. The movie didn’t disappoint.  Few movies in Hollywood do right by the military men (and women) they represent, but this isn’t one of those.

The scene where they make initial Taliban contact on the mountain slope is intense, and my back, and head hurt just watching the falling scenes.

My only criticism? I thought it was a mistake to put Marcus in a supporting role in the film, it felt awkward to me to see him on screen as one of the SEALs knowing he was the hero of the story.  This may be my own personal bias, and because I know, and trained Marcus when he went through the SEAL sniper course.

Ben Foster get’s a 5.0 eval from me on his portrayal of Matt “Axe” Axelson. I know Axe as one of my personal student mentor candidates from sniper school, a great guy, and the consummate operator. Ben nailed it, I felt like I was watching Axe all over again.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the complex cultural dynamic that existed (ultimately saved Luttrell’s life) between the local tribe elders, and the Taliban. If you haven’t done your research on Pashtunwali, the un-written code of ethics that govern the Pashtun, it’s worth looking into.

Berg, and his actors did a great job honoring the men that gave their lives on that lonely Afghan mountainside.

Go see it, and let me know what you think.