As the U.S. Special Operations community is battered by scandal after scandal of misconduct and unprofessionalism, its leadership has been brainstorming solutions to this quandary. The Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC), from which rank’s most of the scandals have come, has already initiated a back-the-basics directive to be adhered by its subordinate Navy SEAL Teams.

The U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), however, is looking for additional, more structural in nature solutions that would ensure the long-term health of the force. And one of the potential solutions is quite simple but could go a long way in ameliorating the situation and improving morale within the ranks of America’s tip of the spear.

According to a Special Notice published on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the venue which the federal government uses to post contract opportunities, SOCOM “intends to negotiate and award a sole source, firm fixed price contract with Merit Leadership, Inc. The purpose of this award is to provide a Special Operations Forces (SOF) Ethics Field Guide (EFG). The EFG will contain content previously published and owned by the intended awardee.” SOCOM’s intent is to issue the specially written EFG to its Chaplains.

Merit Leadership is the publisher of “The Business Ethics Guide,” a companion for effective leadership when an organization is faced with a conflict between individual and organizational values.