On October 7th, President Trump tweeted his intention to bring U.S. troops home from Afghanistan in his trademark way: “We should have the small remaining number of our BRAVE Men and Women serving in Afghanistan home by Christmas!” It only took a couple of days for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley to issue a rebuttal of the President saying in an NPR interview, “We have a plan, a series of responsible drawdown options, that has been briefed to the president.”

This was followed by a memo to President Trump from Secretary of Defense Mark Esper saying that the conditions for withdrawal had not yet been met by the Taliban. Esper has since been fired for reasons we believe are mostly due to an 18-month long deception of the president conducted by Esper, Ambassador Jeffrey, and others to conceal the number of troops actually in Syria.

President Trump has now appointed Christopher Miller, formerly the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, as acting Secretary of Defense. Miller wasted no time in issuing a letter to all DOD personnel staking out a very different mission than the Esper doctrine of keeping troops deployed in the region as a deterrent force.

In this letter, Miller states that the DOD will be moving into a role of supporting the work of local allies and cooperative countries in finishing the fight against al-Qaeda as opposed to leading this fight ourselves with troops on the ground. Echoing the familiar campaign promise of the President to end “Endless Wars” overseas Miller went on to say: