Secret Squirrel. Does the phrase conjure the image of a furtive squirrel, perhaps wearing a mask, clandestinely robbing the backyard birdfeeders? Maybe a cartoon image, similar to Underdog or Mighty Mouse, boldly fighting crime and injustice? But it probably does not conjure the image of a group of uniforms gathered around a safe, arguing about who will load codes and who will “shoot” the jets. Alas, the last is closest to the truth.


Here We Come to Save the Day!

A quick internet search of “secret squirrel” will return YouTube links to an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon called, oddly enough, Secret Squirrel. While it does look like a cool cartoon, and the idea of a James Bond-like squirrel appealed to kids in the 60s, in the military it means something altogether different.