SOFREP radio is where Brandon Webb, Myself (Jack), and our radio producer, Quin regularly interview guests from the Special Operations community, cover the latest news, and offer insider commentary on current events.  If this is news to you, then check out some past episodes.  New episodes go live every week.  Here is a look at what you’ve been missing.

Jack Murphy interviews former Rhodesian Special Air Service operator, Keith Nell.  Keith tells us about his service in the Rhodesian SAS and specifically about one of his missions, covered in depth in his book, Viscount Down.  Viscount Down is the incredible true story about a passenger plane that was shot down over Rhodesia by a terrorist gang armed with SA-7 anti-aircraft missiles.  Keith was the SAS man assigned to track down and kill the terrorists respondsible.  What follows is an insiders account about counter-insurgency in a brutal but little known war in a country that no longer exists, with starting revelations about what Keith calls, “Rhodesia’s 9/11.”

Brandon Webb chats with Rob Maylor, who served in the British Royal Marines before going back for more with the Australian Special Air Service.  They get into Special Operations soldiers who get into publishing, what motivates soldiers to write, the transition back to the civilian world, and the future of SOFREP.  Brandon and Rob also talk about the new Steyr rifle and the disadvantages of the 5.56.  Maylor also recounts how he survived a helictoper crash in the Pacific Ocean. Rob served in Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, and Northern Ireland.

Brandon also interviews former SEAL Brent Gleeson to discuss NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes and some of the behind the scenes shenanigans that happen on the show. Tune in to hear Brent and Brandon weigh in on the controversial new book “No Easy Day.”  The book was written by a former DEVGRU Operator and provides a first hand account of the UBL raid. If you’ve ever wondered how the release of this book has impacted the SEAL community then don’t miss this candid discussion.

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