Unlike other commodities like grain or cars, selling weapons comes with a moral price tag – thus one should definitely pick their clients wisely and try to keep their deals legal.

The Canadian government approved a deal allowing General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) to close a 14-year, 10-billion-dollar contract with Saudi Arabia for light armoured vehicles including parts, support services and training. This was announced on February 14 by Canadian International Trade Minister Ed Fast – a Valentine’s Day present from a country widely viewed as a champion for defending global human rights to one of the world’s most politically oppressive regimes.

New deal, yet old pratice – since 1990, Canada has supplied over a thousand LAVs, based on MOWAG’s Piranha platform, to Saudi Arabia’s military, notably through arms deals with the United States.

Crticism arose from opposition politicians and human rights defense groups, citing state-sponsored violations of women’s rights and suppression of political opponents. while the Middle-Eastern theocratic monarchy isn’t known for widely using its military assets against its population, they still violate human rights in their strictest sense under the guise of Islamic Law.