I usually don’t read many SEAL books unless my friends write them, and Marcus falls into that category. His book SERVICE is a solid piece of work.

Below is my review from Amazon:

Marcus was a student of mine when I was the Course Manager for the Naval Special Warfare Sniper program (Navy SEAL course). I also put his brother Morgan and Axelson through the course a few months prior to him showing up in 2001. All were great students.

I still remember his twin brother Morgan shooting me that steely eyed Texas glance as he said, “you going to take care of my brother when he comes through?” “Of course”, I said. I wasn’t going to let down either.

I remember him being a bit hard headed at times, especially during the stealth and concealment phase. Most Texans I’ve met are like this in a good way, including our mutual friend Chris Kyle. Marcus was a great student and we became friends during the process, even though he got me quite drunk after graduation. My head still hurts thinking about it.

I’m still waiting for the hard copy of “Service” his wonderful wife Melanie is sending me. I couldn’t wait, I’m impatient like that, and bought the eBook for my iPad. I’m a fast reader and don’t normally read SEAL books but this was one I read in one sitting.

Marcus takes you through the rest of his career in the SEAL Teams and shares some excellent stories from Iraq that you would never hear about if his story was not told. Most importantly, he selflessly features other heroes and their stories.

All gave and some gave all since 9-11.