Reports from the Bataclan Theatre in Paris suggest that one of the attackers has said, “I am from ISIS.” IS on Twitter is saying that this is France’s September 11th. It is unclear, and will be for some time, whether this is truly the work of Daesh, or simply a convenient claim from them.

Regardless of who is responsible, emergency responders and government officials are actively scrambling to control the damage on the ground. The Agence France-Presse is reporting approximately 100 dead from the attack on the theater alone. A total of seven attacks have rocked Paris tonight at the Bataclan, Republic, Les Halles, Paris 10, Paris 11, Stade de France, and Belleville.

A video capturing the sound of bomb blasts from inside the stadium. This continues for a moment, while cheers from the crowd begin to sound less like excitement and more like concern.