This one’s going to be a little more philosophical.

LTC Dave Grossman wrote an article a number of years ago that has taken the military and armed citizen cultures by storm.  In it, he posited that there are three kinds of people: Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs.  Sheep are, according to the analogy, gentle, peaceful people who would never harm anyone.  Wolves are people like gangsters and terrorists, who prey on the sheep.  Sheepdogs are those who willingly protect the sheep, namely soldiers and police, though it has been taken to apply also to those who arm themselves on a daily basis.

Just like my earlier tirade about “tactical,” this analogy has become trite.  But the fact that every loudmouth with a CCW now talks about being a “sheepdog” isn’t the problem with it.  Even that it was spread around by a man who never heard a shot fired in anger, yet wrote extensively on combat and killing (with some conclusions not borne out by history) isn’t the problem.

Sheep act the way they do because it is instinct.  They live to eat, sleep, reproduce, and that’s about it.  Wolves kill for the same reason.  Instinct.  It is how they survive.  The fact that their survival and ours often conflicts leads to the necessity to kill them, to keep them in check.