Well what can I say? Here are a few more (out of thousands…) pearls of wisdom handed down from Frogman to Frogman since the 50’s.

I been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king! I likes pirate best.


Special Thanks to the pipe hitters in the 5326 Forum on Facebook for helping me with this month’s post!

Enjoy a glimpse inside the Team room and be warned….


  1. End of all jump (parachute) briefs: if your chute doesn’t open you have the rest of your life to get it to open…
  2. When anything is fundamentally wrong:“That’s as wrong as two boys fucking”
  3. A classic re-visited: Secure you cock holster meatstick.
  4. HMCM Johnny Johnson…”I’ll kiss a fat baby’s ass & we’ll be smoking cigars and farting through silk”
  5. STD Advice: How do you know you got the clap already??? ..”Hey, I know what clap tastes like”
  6. Gordo Shipton when I checked into X – Division (X-Division is where new candidates and quitters are staged…) at Team 3 – “Welcome to the Teams and Shit – mostly Shit but you’ll get used to it…”
  7. Words of Advice from M. Smiley: “When I was a kid I was poor – I used to cry because I had no shoes… but then I met a girl who had no feet – I fucked her anyway…”
  8. Mike Smiley and his t-shirt with the dog mounting the guys face…”I think he likes you”
  9. Chief Ellis to his platoon LPO: – while tromping though the Mango Swamps and mud of Malaysia “If we lived here we’d be home by now” (FST circa 72)
  10. First Phase Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Instructors talking about students who don’t belong: “I don’t care how hard you try, you can’t make ice cream out of shit…”  This is also a saying used about situations encountered later in SEAL Team life….
  11. Reimbursement for lost stuff: When the platoon finds out their “Duck” Frapped in (Duck=boat Frapped in=parachute on boat didn’t open and boat destroyed) “I’m pretty sure my Rolex and Gortex were on that Duck.”
  12. ST3 GOLF Platoon 2000-“This deployment would be a lot more fun if we were all gay…”
  13. CDR Simmons Commanding Officer of ST-5 92…each of you has a ticket, on that ticket is one death owed. No one’s ticket has a date. Be ready.”
  14. Training Detachment Instructor: “Those guys (SEALs) were as loud as two elephants fucking on broken glass”
  15. Life Advice on Trying New Things and keeping an open mind:“Gentlemen…before I die I’m gonna suck a dick, and if I like it…boy I’m gonna be pissed”- none other than Senior Chief “Mack” MacIntosh ’93.