Update 9:30PM EST: Police give a final update on the Munich shooting… 10 dead (including the shooter) and 16 wounded. The shooter is believed to have committed suicide.

Update 7:51PM EST: Police found a man that killed himself and they believe that he is the shooter. There are also at least 10 people injured.

Update 4:40PM EST: Police state the death toll has risen to 8 and they believe this is a terrorist attack.

Update 3:38PM EST: Munich police confirm there are 6 dead and multiple people injured from the shooting. They are still looking for multiple suspects at this time.

Police confirm the casualties via Facebook

Update 2:58 EST: At least six people have been reported dead. Police are actively looking for the shooter(s) and people are advised to remain indoors.

Update 2:17pm EST: This twitter post below shows a man on top of a parking garage, he is pacing back and forth then fires a gun at something or someone not seen in the video. Multiple deaths are being reported but there are no exact confirmations by police at this time. BBC and AP are also reporting that there might be multiple shooters as eye witnesses stated seeing at least 3 shooters.

Update 2:00pm EST: Click here to see footage of the shooting. A man is seen firing a handgun at a group of people outside of the mall. The status of the shooter is unknown at this time.

Update 1:10pm EST: AFP reported one dead and at least 10 people injured from the shooting. No information on the status of the shooter(s) yet. More information to follow.

Developing Story: There are reports of shots being fired at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum Mall in Munich, Germany. Witnesses state ambulances and police are on scene. More information to follow.



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