I was recently contacted by one of the SOFREP Team Room members via e-mail, informing me that he was located in Kingsland, Texas and wanted to know if I would be able to help them out with a little shooting instruction for a short class. The e-mail also stated that they would like a basic instruction in combative pistols and accuracy, carbine accuracy with a splash of combative application, and a strong base of knowledge with regards to the precision rifle.

After a few e-mails with Vic, I wrote out a basic package deal that outlined everything that I wanted to cover with them. The package would not only give them a strong base of knowledge, but leave them with a confident understanding of the weapons systems and how to employ them in a practical and self-defensive manner.

The first question that I ask all of the men and women who come through a class is, “Why are you here, and why do you want to learn how to shoot?” The first answer is typically the same: “I just want to learn how to use them and understand how they work.” After a light smile and asking them again, I get the answer I was looking for and knew all along: “Because I want to know how to defend myself if the situation arises.” There is nothing wrong with the second answer, in my book. Let’s face it; pistols, rifles, carbines, etc., were all meant to do one thing and one thing only.

After some good solid talk time with Vic, we set the date and location of the class. It would be held on a private ranch in the open terrain of Kingsland, about an hour and a half drive from my house. Not a problem at all.